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What is Your Human Design?

By understanding our human vehicle more clearly, we realize that it does not define who we really are, but instead, our human body is a very unique and important vehicle through which spirit expresses itself.  Most people have no idea what their unique human blueprint is.  Knowing this brings you out of fragmentation, and allows spirit to express itself through your unique human design.

The applied understanding of how you are designed in a reading with me is cutting edge awareness for your personal and unique transformation and realization. Your Human Design reading shows unique qualities that you were born with, and guides you to be able to live in your maximum potential. It shows you how to enjoy the gifts you are “wired” with, and provides a specific map for the journey into your true essence.

Different names have been given to understand how you are uniquely “wired” in your physical body. One such name coined by Ra Uru Hu is Human Design.  Another name coined by Richard Rudd is Gene Keys.  There are a number of schools teaching this wisdom. I was trained and certified in both, and for now I’ll stick with the name Human Design.

Human Design is an understanding of the I’Ching, which is an ancient book of wisdom, and has been around for over 2,000 years.  Human Design is a synthesis of the Chinese I’Ching, Eastern and Western Astrology, The Kabbalah, the Hindu Chakra System and Quantum Physics. There are 64 hexagrams in the I’Ching that correspond to our 64 DNA codons in our DNA.

Your Human Design chart is calculated using your birth date, your accurate time of birth, and your place of birth.

There is a direct link between the timing of your birth and the activation of your personal genetic code. Your Human Design reading provides a way for you to know if you are living life from your true self or your conditioned self, and what to do about it.

This awareness allows you to live life with less resistance and provides consciousness that brings acceptance of self and others. By experimenting with the information you receive in your Human Design reading, it empowers and supports you to live life according to your own true nature, and exactly how to make decisions that align with your true nature.

If you haven’t experienced aligning with your true self as much as you’d like to, your Human Design reading with me will provide you with actions steps to experience the realization of unified consciousness.

Human Design (HD) brings you to the place of knowing the difference between your programmed thinking and your innate wisdom called Inner Authority on your HD chart.

Programmed thinking is referred to as thinking that is based in fear and separation, thinking that is based in prior programming and conditioning as habitual defense mechanisms, and thinking that is based in polarity. The famous spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle calls this programmed thinking the “pain body” or the ego.  The ego here is simply defined as illusory thoughts based in division and fear.

Polarity thinking creates a pendulum swing that swings back and forth:

  • I like you / I don’t like you
  • good / bad
  • victim / tyrant
  • I’m worthy / I’m unworthy
  • savior / rebel
  • doubt / certainty
  • pleasure / pain
  • loss / gain
  • shame / pride
  • struggling / composed
  • hopeless / hopeful
  • desire / aversion
  • expectation / disappointment
  • love / hate
  • right / wrong

These polarities go on and on, but once seen, these polarities can be unified to their higher essence where they can be transmuted in advanced readings and in coaching sessions.  You can unify your polarized thinking in a coaching session with me, with or without a reading. Each hexagram or gate in a Human Design chart carries a polarized state on the lower spectrum of consciousness, and also carries its unified state on the higher spectrum of consciousness. This gives tremendous clarity as you see this in your design without letting any of it define you. This awareness allows you to have the direct experience of awakening to the oneness of your true essence.

So for example, if someone has the 18th gate or hexagram activated in their Human Design chart, the 18th hexagram is the polarity of: inferiority / superiority, causing inner or outer judgmental behavior.  Sometimes the 18/58 channel is called the Channel of Judgment.

When this polarity is unified, you experience its unified essence of integrity and service to humanity on the higher spectrum of consciousness without judgment. Instead, the 18th gate’s energy shows up with the natural ability to see what needs to be corrected in a unified state of collaboration with other people.

There are 64 hexagrams that correspond to our 64 DNA codons, some of which are activated in your Human Design chart, and some are not.  Each hexagram is on a spectrum of consciousness.  We just looked at the 18th hexagram as an example.

Let’s look at the 21st hexagram or the 21st DNA codon activation.  If you have this hexagram activated in your Human Design chart, the polarity is submissive / controlling.  The 21st hexagram’s polarity can play out where you are either trying to control others, or others are controlling you.  This is another pendulum swing that never ends until it becomes unified to its higher state.  The unified state for the 21st hexagram is valor.  Valor inspires communion and oneness instead of control issues. Valor is the natural letting go of unhealthy control and unhealthy submissiveness that allows one to manifest the gift of the 21st hexagram which is to lead by example, to be in authority where others appreciate, trust and love your ability as an authority, allowing others to trust your leadership attributes. The unified state of the 21st hexagram communes with you as a true friend with an open heart rather than operating in any type of control/submissive polarity.  The attributes of mutual loyalty, valor, communion, unity, oneness play out through the 21st activated DNA codon or hexagram.

Each of the 64 hexagrams has a lower “shadow state” type of polarity behavior, and each has its unified higher state within the spectrum of consciousness.

The problem with polarized behavior is that it keeps you stuck in its pendulum swing back and forth, preventing you from actually truly transcending or unifying its lower frequency state of conditioning. Advanced Human Design readings that I share followed with coaching sessions can show you exactly what is playing out so you can sit in the seat of awareness, and have the direct experience of transmuting these polarities to their natural and unified states.

No matter what tool you might be working with, this opportunity of knowing if you are being governed by your conditioned egoic thought processes or if you are operating from your innate wisdom (Inner Authority) is an important and liberating foundation to realize.

– Aligning with who you are via a reading with me can be said this way:

– Understanding and knowing how the vehicle or the physical form you are in operates in the world (which I share with you in your reading).

– From this understanding, you then have the potential and ability to make decisions that are uniquely correct for you.
Spirit expresses itself through your human design, allowing you to be on purpose in each moment.

Our true essential nature is already perfect, whole and complete. Have you ever wondered what prevents us from experiencing our true essential nature all the time in a sustainable way? In a Human Design reading you will discover not only the answers to this question, but also action steps that give you your own direct experience to realize what it is to awaken out of illusion into reality. Each reading is unique to each individual.  You are given specific insights to be able to see hidden codes in your DNA revealed, in order to be in harmony with the way you are designed.

In a basic foundational reading I cover your Type, your Centers, your Inner or Outer Authority, your Strategy and depending on time, other aspects in your unique Human Design chart.  I like adding some gold nuggets about your Profile too, which can be a reading in and of itself.

Your reading is recorded and emailed to you with two links; one link to listen to from your computer and another MP3 download link for offline listening, iPod transfer, and CD authoring for easy listening where ever you go.

Because your reading is recorded over the phone, you can relax in your own environment.

Each client receives their own personal and unique Human Design chart from me that we go over during the reading. I have taught many Human Design seminars and have given well over 1,000 readings shown logged into my recording service.  Your recorded reading is kept in a safe, confidential folder. I love being a conduit for sharing each unique Human Design transmission with others.

I invite you to email me at to schedule your reading or coaching session today. Please scroll down to see helpful graphics before your reading.

Blessings & Peace,

Susan Wight

Professional Life Coach

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Blessings to you from southern California!

Introduction Human Design recording:
32 minutes: Click here

Please scroll down to see basic chart graphics and definitions below…

The Nine Centers

The Nine Centers shown in various examples as you scroll down, are represented by nine geometric shapes. Centers are Defined (colored in) or Undefined (white or open). Defined and Undefined Centers have different roles. The themes of the centers affect one another, and inform you by the way they function in relationships. The way Centers are Defined and connected to each other determines the Type and Authority of the Design.

There are several categories of Centers. First, there are Pressure Centers which represent the pressure that drives us both physically and mentally. The 2 Pressure Centers are the Head and the Root Centers. Several Centers are classified as Motors or Energy Centers; they embody our physical energy to work and be active. The 4 Motors are the Root, Sacral, Heart, and Solar Plexus. Next are Awareness Centers, which represent awareness of ourselves and others and our ability to take in and process information. The three Awareness Centers are the Spleen, Ajna and Solar Plexus.

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The Four Types

These are Bodygraph examples of the four Types: Generators, Projectors, Manifestors, and Reflectors. There is also a sub-group of Generators called Manifesting Generators.

Each Type has a different Strategy to help individuals develop healthy decision making skills and cultivate practices that affirm their unique gifts. The Types interact with one another.  Understanding your specific Type helps you align with your innate genetic design.

Examples: (Please click the Bodygraph to enlarge)

Four Types2








The Bodygraph

The Human Design bodygraph is pictured in all of these illustrations, and you can see an example here of a GeneKeys bodygraph below.  There are different schools teaching this body of wisdom. The Nine Centers are represented by the square and triangular shapes.  The G Center is diamond-shaped in a Human Design chart.  In the GeneKeys bodygraph below, the G center is circular.  All other shapes are the same. Each Center represents a specific realm of experience: our emotions, thoughts, identity, instincts, willpower, etc. Centers are derived from the Hindu-Brahmin Chakra system. The bands connecting these Centers are called Channels. There are 36 Channels. Channels come from the Sephiroth of Kabala. In each Center, at the end of each Channel, is a number, representing ‘a Gate.’ Channels connecting Centers together are made up of two Gates.  You can see channels in the bodygraphs above.There are 64 Gates.  The 64 Gates are also called the 64 Hexagrams, which also correlate to the 64 DNA codons in our physical form.

This bodygraph below was created by Laura & Werner Pitzal and you can see how it beautifully adds awareness relating to the spectrum of consciousness of each Center.  It is from this awareness of the spectrum of consciousness that I teach from and have embodied.  This embodiment that I carry serves you in a reading with me as a transmission.

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Whether you’ve had a reading or not, either way, we can work on any area of polarities you might be living in, and together I’ll guide you through your own direct experience of transmuting them to their higher spectrum of consciousness, or unified state of being.


Susan Wight

Professional Life Coach