Depositphotos_24753041_originalCoaching sessions and readings support and empower you to see things as they are, allowing for better relationships in your personal and professional life.

Coaching session packages & options:

  • $150 an hour
  • $400 monthly (3 sessions; save $50)
  • $1000 / three months (9 sessions; save $350)

–Really value awakening but don’t have enough money? Contact me about sliding scale.

Learn how to identify and transmute inner conflicts and reoccurring patterns of conditioning to their higher essence of pure awareness, allowing you to be on purpose, clear, and in harmony.

Selection of basic and advanced READINGS

First reading: $250. Additional readings: $225. (All readings are recorded: 1.5 to 2 hours)

  • Human Design – foundational & advanced readings
  • Gene Keys: Venus Sequence – foundational & advanced readings
  • Gene Keys: The Pearl – financial reading; what your branding is, how you make money
  • Your 4 Prime Gifts – Incarnation Cross reading / your purpose
  • Connection Chart – compatibility; your chart with another person’s chart
  • Love: – learn how you are genetically “wired” to love & how to move to your higher essence of love


–Really value awakening but don’t have enough money? Contact me about sliding scale.

Available options

Pay by check: Payable to: Susan Wight, 3631 Sierra Morena Avenue, Carlsbad, CA 92010


Susan is certified in the following:
Professional Life Coach
Teacher: The 12 Core Dynamics of Common Problems and Liberation
Mastery Team Coach
WaveMaker™ Life Coach (bioresonance technology)
Human Design
Living Your Design Guide
Gene Keys
Venus Sequence Practitioner and Teacher
Trained in all aspects of the Gene Keys readings

Susan runs her own coaching practice. She has taught seminars for over a decade in Core Dynamic Coaching, Human Design and Gene Keys Venus Sequence. Susan taught coaching principles with the founder of Great Life Technologies coaching school  to enrolled students for several years. Susan has the ability to synthesize and draw from related modalities during client coaching sessions, aligning with higher awareness to what is most optimal for each client in each moment. Susan is a college graduate and also certified and licensed in other various well known consciousness studies and trainings over the last 30 years, working with educational projects and presence practice to naturally embody better decision making and better relationships, both personal and professional.