How to Get the Most from Your Coaching Experience

image0088Life Coaching is an integral and important aspect of health and emotional healing. These guidelines are intended to support you in getting the maximum benefit out of your experience.

  1. The time is scheduled for approximately 60 minutes of coaching time unless otherwise discussed.  If you want to be on the fast track, you are welcome to dive right in and go to the heart of the issue.  This is defined as:

‘Coaching that focuses on the core of the energy of the issue’

  1. Life Coaching is a targeted approach to zero-in on a specific issue or perhaps an aspect of a larger concern.  Some examples might include:
  • You are experiencing a feeling of conflict, anxiety, stress, anger, fear, confusion or pain that is not resolving on its own.
  • You’re involved in a situation that you would like to gain insight and clarity.
  • You would like guidance with feeling to the core of an over-reaction to something so it can dissolve on its own.
  • There’s an area of your life that you would like to have clarity about, and experiencing clarity from a state of Pure Awareness
  • There may be some loose ends to clean up from a previous coaching session you are in process of working through.
  • You are in a process of doing advanced processing work in awakening through transmuting lower patterns of energy to their natural higher state of essence and you’d love some continued support.
  • You’d like to go over your Human Design chart after a reading.  You have a few questions that you’d like to ask.  This can be extremely helpful and highly recommended, and ties right into coaching solutions and awakening.
  • You’d like to go over a Venus Sequence reading that you’ve already had, and you have a few questions. This can be extremely helpful and highly recommended, and like above, ties right into awakening out of the shadow state to your true and higher essence.
  • You’d like to see what surfaces on its own in a coaching session.  Trust me, something always does.

The focus of the session is simply to identify and clarify issues to work on presently and to clarify your on-going or ‘live-into’ action steps designed and tailored exactly for you regarding your evolution and awakening journey. You can also come to a coaching session with no particular issue in mind, just willingness to let surface whatever is optimal to work on.

  1. Helpful tips…….
  • Mark out this time for yourself and inform others you will be unavailable for the next 60 minutes of a coaching session, or if it’s a reading, about two hours.
  • As preparation for your session, give yourself a few moments to breathe in and out deeply to center yourself.  Be hydrated – a few sips of H2O helps.
  • Reflect on the topic that you might want to bring to the session. If you already have a clear idea, spend the time you have to ‘be with’ the issue in a way that will enable you to present the topic with whatever clarity you have to share it.
  • During a session, if you are engaging in feeling to the core, it is best to invest your time by diving into the core of the energy of your feelings without even naming them. It is helpful to forget about trying to mentally track or make sense of energy patterns.  It’s about trusting Infinite Spirit and the innate wisdom of your body.  It knows what it is doing.  Making sense of things comes later as you live into a new way of being and experience that directly.  I will be with you every step of the way.  You are safe.  You are in a process of becoming self-empowered.  You are supported and you are awakening out of illusion.
  • Spend a few moments after the coaching session to reflect on ‘being with’ any new awareness that you have gained.  If you feel called, journal your awareness.
  • If there are any exercises suggested for your post-session such as the practice of transmuting energy to its higher essence, meditating, being still and present, the practice of noticing and letting go of stories, make sure you do your best to follow through with this.  Following through with practice and devotion is a very important part of your healing and growth. Following through is called living into a new way of being.  It’s an action step that gives you your own direct experience which is essential.
  • You may wish to also jot down some things about your coaching session, which will jog your memory for living into the new way of being (your action step). After all, energy patterns that are inner conflicts have been there for a long time, and after a session, this energy has moved.  New ways of being through practice follow.

60 minute coaching sessions are $150 unless otherwise agreed upon.  Package deals are a great savings. (Paying for three or more sessions at a time –see pricing page)

I look forward to supporting you and I am devoted to serve and support the awakening process of all beings. Please click here: Services/Pricing Page

Note: I am not a psychotherapist.  If you are on psychotropic drugs or SSRI drugs, it is best to check with the doctor that prescribed the drugs to you before working with me.  I will need the doctor’s agreement that he/she feels you are ready to work with someone outside their care.  So please let me know so that I can honor these types of situations.  All information with ALL clients is held in strict confidentiality.

You are a wonderful, magnificent, Infinite Being.


“This magnificent refuge is Inside you.
Enter. Shatter the darkness that
shrouds the doorway…
Be Bold. Be Humble.
Put away the incense and forget
the incantations they taught you.
Ask No Permission from the authorities.
Close your eyes and follow your Breath
to the still place that leads to the
invisible path that leads you Home.”

♥ St. Theresa of Avila