About Susan


Born and raised in California, USA, I found myself with an inner ambition to know Truth. I wasn’t raised within a religion or a particular culture. Because my parents loved nature, and had enjoyed hiking in nature long before I was born, I was lucky to be initiated into nature’s mystical cathedral during my entire childhood.  My parents introduced me to stunning nature spots on weekly Sunday daytrips and on yearly vacations.  Born with impeccable coordination added to the joy and love of mountaineering with my parents and sister in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains in California, filling me with nature’s ineffable passion and spirit as I grew up. Without words, a natural and effortless union took place where I embodied the heart and essence of nature’s presence in the high Sierras.  The mountains became my church.


I entered adult life with optimism, but life wasn’t without its bumps and challenges and I soon discovered that the nature of human experience is sometimes easy, sometimes difficult, and everything in-between.  I attended university and then married in my mid-twenties, and gave birth to two beloved sons that I was devoted to raising. Twelve years later I experienced a big bump in the road in terms of divorce.  My parents had never divorced, so it felt like I was in a boat thrown completely off course, navigating new waters.  Later I married a second time lasting six years which ended in a loving way, but with the pain that came with divorce, I decided I would find wise role models who could teach me what I needed to learn.

Over time, I completed a university degree, and continued taking additional classes in a number of private schools, certified in various modalities in psychology, energy work and consciousness studies.  By participating in various schools and by practicing their teachings in real life, it gave me the natural and direct experience of discovering which ones were based on solid foundations and which ones were not, regardless of how sophisticated the material might be.

Like many people, I also read books about awakening but when I read The Power of Now and later The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, followed by The End of Your World, and Falling Into Grace by Adyashanti, there was less and less room for illusion to survive. The veil continued to open.  In the mix I engaged in several years of training, education and practice attending a life coaching school that encompassed the same thread of integrity and held the solid foundation that these awake teachers offered.  Certifications as a life coach and teacher followed, in addition to receiving teaching certifications in the field of genetic behavior from schools such as Human Design, Gene Keys and others.  This provided a practical synthesis greatly supporting my clients to this day.


Grace: I have experienced the mystery of grace in many forms including fierce grace, and the process of veils opening to see things as they really are.  Over time, I have experienced that when I truly surrender, doors of grace open with impeccable timing.

Awake / enlightenment:  These are just words that point to realization. I was enlightened for a day (to use that term) for no particular reason that the mind could understand.  In this state of unsolicited enlightenment, there was no fear, no polarized thinking, no separation, no judgment, no confusion, no illusion of aloneness, no mental chatter, no victim thinking, no division with anything or anyone.  In this awake state of being, I embodied the realization from a state of Pure Awareness that this undivided state was actually Reality.  Words break down and fail to capture what can only be known through one’s own awakened realization and embodiment thereof.  Instead of being over-identified with a defined persona, Infinite Spirit was realized through my physical form in the sense of being That which exists and has always existed.  There was no over-identification with ‘me’ as ego, but only seamless clarity, equanimity, wisdom, grace, peace (beyond a mental concept of peace) and a deep impeccable embodiment of the Presence of all that is.  There was no separation with all of Life, yet a presence of being fully human, fully divine.

It was simply the embodiment of Reality without illusion, and realized in a unified state of being fully human and fully divine.

I came to realize that grace has nothing to do with being worthy or unworthy, deserving or undeserving.  Grace is beyond polarized thinking and beyond what the mind can imagine.

We’ve all seen how suddenly life can change at times.  Is it possible to find the non-dual, undivided gift in all situations in life?  That’s a big question.  I have discovered that the answer is yes, it is possible, and in fact essential.

I have realized the art of love, the mystery of grace, the gift of compassion, and present moment awareness that passes all limited perspectives.  I find that the practice of saying yes to Life each day, each moment, opens the opportunity to the revelation of the gift therein, and from there, clarity arises to know how to navigate the terrain.  Saying yes to Life opens the door to who you really are.

I have no words to fully describe my gratitude for the deep love and support of the spiritual unfolding that Adyashanti has given me. He is an example of a person living a practical, ordinary, unpretentious and down-to-earth life as an awakened spiritual teacher. There is also immense gratitude for all of my teachers, who they are and what they teach. I bow in deep gratitude to them, to Life, and for all that is given and for all that is taken away.

I am devoted in service to others. I hope to meet you in the magic of a coaching session or reading(s) that I offer.

portfolio-slider4@2xPartial List of Professional Certifications :

Professional Life Coach, WaveMaker™ Life Coach, 12 Core Dynamic Teacher, Mastery Team Coach, Laser Coach

Human Design: Practitioner, Living Your Design Guide / Teacher

Gene Keys: Teacher, Venus Sequence Practitioner, The Pearl teaching and more.

Susan runs her own coaching practice.  She has taught seminars for over a decade in Core Dynamic Coaching, Human Design, Gene Keys and Venus Sequence.  To date, Susan has given over a thousand Human Design/Gene Keys readings for clients and students. Working with Tom Stone, founder of Great Life Technologies (GLT) coaching school, Susan was invited to teach coaching principles to enrolled students for several years.  Susan has the ability to synthesize and draw from related modalities during client coaching sessions while also aligning with higher consciousness to what is most practical and optimal for each client in each moment.  She is certified with twelve years of experience in kinesiology.  Susan is a college graduate and also certified and licensed in other various well known consciousness studies and trainings over the last 25 years, working with educational projects and practices focused on awakening and collaboration with others to support the natural embodiment of presence, clarity, kindness, true intimacy, grace, wisdom and peace.