Venus Sequence

Venus Sequence LogoWhat is a Venus Sequence transmission reading?

The purpose of the Venus Sequence is to take humans back to the realization of their own Divinity.

The knowledge that encompasses the Venus Sequence discloses the precise matrix of our ancestral conditioning. As this conditioning passes along the ancestral lines of all human beings from generation to generation, it divides into different individual combinations of archetypal genetic patterns, which are then reflected in our lives, and in our relationships.

The Venus Sequence transmission initiates an automatic process of observing these ancient and current patterns of conditioning. As we notice them, they begin to crumble and lose their hold on us and then, what seems to be a miracle occurs – deep waves of release pass along our ancestral chain, spontaneously allowing our loved ones, families, friends and colleagues to also break free from their own limiting patterns of conditioning.

In a Venus Sequence reading, you will receive:

  • Your Venus Sequence chart
  • Learn about your specific ancestral conditioning and how to work with this
  • Know your exact genetic Gifts of Divinity and how they emerge in your life
  • How your Gifts relate to your purpose and destiny
  • How these play out in your relationships
  • The essential keys necessary to follow your own path rather than someone else’s
  • The Venus Sequence transmission and activation
  • Support documents that grow with you

The next step to receive a reading:

First, I personally make up your unique Venus Sequence chart by collecting your birth date, accurate time of birth, and place of birth.  I email you your unique Venus Sequence chart to go over during your reading. You are also emailed a couple documents to support your process, and I highly encourage you to follow up with coaching. The session is 1.5 to 2 hours and recorded.  You receive a link to listen to your session from your computer and another link to download if you want to publish an MP3 download link for offline listening, iPod transfer, CD authoring; options of listening for your convenience.  The more you listen to your session, the more the transmission works with you because after all, you are part of the transmission of awakening.  As your sequence of conditioning becomes unlocked, you continue in an awakening process to then experience your Gifts, and if you feel called to stay the course, your Siddhis which is full awakening or enlightenment. Your recorded reading grows with you.  You always have support available by further coaching with me and by listening to your Venus Sequence recording.

Once you understand your own Gifts and can see from the higher perspective, you become aware of the archetypal patterns from which your life plays out, and incredible awakenings become possible in your life.

To learn more, you are invited to experience a Venus Sequence session. Susan is certified both as a Venus Sequence practitioner and teacher.

Available options

Schedule your reading date by emailing me at:

Susan’s experience: Susan traveled to England and trained in the very first Venus Sequence (VS) training taught in the UK and she trained for consecutive years following.  She was the first American Venus Sequence teacher, training students to become VS practitioners.  Susan taught the first VS workshops in America and has shared hundreds of readings with clients and students.  The Venus Sequence transmission of awakening travels through her and is part of her.  Susan is trained to share all Venus Sequence related readings including The Pearl reading.