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  • You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That is how important you are!
    ~Eckhart Tolle

  • What we are, the world is. Without our own transformation, there can be no transformation of the world.
    ~ Sri J Krishnamurti

  • Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over,
    it became a butterfly.

lotus-flower-1My twenty-five years of experience and training is with helping people through my role as a present-centered life coach, teacher, trainer and consultant.  People from across the country and internationally have been using me as a resource in response to both personal and professional concerns. I mentor and offer coaching, consultations, and long term mentoring to anyone who values applying themselves towards liberation from what wants to be addressed in your personal life or professional life. I also mentor and support people on their unique path of spiritual awakening.

We make decisions all day long. Have you ever wondered where your decisions might be coming from? Have you ever noticed how many distractions there are in life that can pull you away from your true, innate clarity? My approach nurtures your ability to bring you back to your own clarity and presence, so that you are making decisions that are correct for you.

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I help you realize your ability to be present to anything no matter what you’re going through, and to respond with the fullness of your being. 


I am dedicated to sharing ways that introduce you to your unique and innate capabilities within, that you may not have known were possible.

I take a present-centered approach, focusing attention more on how you establish your experience in the present moment rather than only focusing on personal history that you might use to describe your experience.

I appreciate Eckhart Tolle’s wisdom when he said that our first purpose is to awaken, and our secondary purpose for being here is to blossom in our unique individual gifts that we have to share, enjoy and contribute.  In addition to supporting your personal and professional concerns, I support you in realizing your ability to apply your innate gifts as a natural outcome of coaching sessions or readings together.

What makes my coaching practice different?

In my coaching practice I have intrinsically synthesized a practical and natural combination of:

  • Life coaching  (help with personal and professional concerns)
  • Your genetic profile  (your genetic human personality makeup – as your innate gifts open, it creates the joy of being on purpose)
  • Awakening  (realizing and embodying your non-dual, undivided state of being that, for example, can show up as impeccable awareness, kindness, equanimity, creativity, wisdom, peace and grounded presence)

My awareness of this synthesis through years of experience is held in coaching sessions and readings as a natural synchronistic alliance supporting your individual unique incarnation towards your own liberation. I hold the synthesis of each individual’s fully human, fully divine profile during our time together. With this synthesis, I also coach couples, families, and group dynamic relationships, both personal and professional.

I work with people that feel called to know their true nature, and to lovingly meet anything that is blocking that.  When we relax as Presence, we begin to receive and realize everything as it really is, and our decisions become clear. As we learn to rest as our true self, which is the true healer, wholeness arises.

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